Our community:

The Missionary Benedictines
of Inkamana Abbey

Our community consists of

from Priests Brothers Monks with temporary profession Novices Postulants Total
South Africa
  1. Fr Maximilian Jacobs
    (assigned to go to Waldfrieden/Namibia)
  2. Fr Ambrose Mshengu
  1. Br Benedict Ntshangase
  2. Br Clement Sithole
  3. Br Maurus Khumalo
  4. Br Mark Govender
  5. Br Gabriel Thompson
  6. Br Anselm Sayer
  7. Br Leonard Dlamini
  1. Br Isidore Mabaso
  2. Br Damian Mkhwanazi
  3. Br Vincent Ngwane


  1. Br Michael Stevens
  1. Fr Boniface Kamushishi
    (novice master)
  1. Br Alphonse Amuthenya
    (assistant at boys hostel)
  2. Br Cosmas Kahirimana
  1. Br Joseph Andjamba
  2. Br. Polycarp Taukondjele
  3. Br. Bonaventure Johannes
  4. Br. Willibald Nepembe
1. Br Francis Kuutondokwa   8
  1. Fr Victor Chavunga
    (parish priest at Vryheid)
  2. Fr Raphael Chonde
    (guest master & parish priest at Vryheid - Bkekuzulu)
  3. Fr Oswald Gomani
    (at Waldfrieden / Namibia)
  4. Fr Pacificus Mwale
    (at Tororo/Uganda)
  1. Br Edward Namwiri
  2. Br Sub-Prior Kevin Thumbalabwazi
    (caterer & bookkeeper)
  1. Br Emmanuel Suntheni
  1. Br Adrian Bisika
  1. Br Francis Sauti
  1. Fr Prior John Paul Mwaniki
St. Ottilien Archabbey
  1. Abbot Godfrey Sieber
  2. Fr Hermenegild Maier
  3. Fr Eugene Badtke
    (at Twasana)
  4. Fr Gérard Lagleder
    (at Mandeni)
  1. Br Ansfried Machatsch
  2. Br Bernard Pachner
Münsterschwarzach Abbey
  1. Fr Pius Paul
  1. Br George Ostheimer
Schweiklberg Abbey
  1. Fr Leo Eireiner
Newton Abbey
  1. Fr Peter Blue
    (at Maria Ratschitz Mission)




14 7 2 3 41

Confreres below the age of 65 are marked in green text colour.

Our superiors:

The Abbot: Rt Rev Fr Godfrey Sieber

The Prior: Very Rev Fr John Mwaniki

The Sub-Prior: Rev Br Kevin Thumbalabwazi

Our office bearers:

The Cellarer: Fr. John Paul Mwaniki

The Novice Master: Fr. Boniface Kamushishi
Delegate to the General Chapter [2010] of the Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien
Member of the Congregation Council of the Missionary Benedictines

Delegate to the African Region of the Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien: Fr. Victor Chavunga

Our abbot and priests of our abbey with Bishop Xolelo after Chrism Mass on 31st March 2010

standing (from left to right): Fr. Ruprecht, Fr. Eugene, Fr. Pacificus, Fr. Max
sitting (from left to right): Fr. Pius, Fr. Leo, Abbot Godfrey, Bishop Xolelo, Fr. Victor, Fr. Raphael, Fr. Gérard

Our study house in Howick/Cedara

N.N. is the superior.

Monks of our Abbey who serve in parishes of the Diocese of Eshowe:

Fr Eugene Badtke at Twasana

Fr. Victor Chavunga at Vryheid

Fr. Raphael Chonde at Bhekuzulu

Fr Gérard Lagleder

is the Caritas Director and HIV/AIDS Co-ordinator of the Diocese of Eshowe and
heads a Catholic Relief Organisation, the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, and Blessed Gérard's Care Centre at Mandeni.

Monks who work in Namibia

at Waldfrieden / Omaruru

Fr Maximilian Jacobs

Fr Oswald Gomani

Deceased confreres of ours:

Br. Romulus Rothdach
Fr. Raphael Studerus
Br. Louis Hlatshwayo
Br. Hartmann Brattinger
Fr. Thomas Lazarus
Br. Antony (Aidan) Eave
Fr. Theodore Landmann
Br. Stephen (Konrad) Ebert
Br. Nicolas (Bernhard) Zagermann
Abbot Willibrord van Rompaey
Fr. Norbert Röhm
Fr. Severin Pschorn
Fr. Peter Scholz
Abbot Gernot Wottawah
Fr Herfried Holzgassner
Fr Zacharia Mambo
Br. Placidus Makhanya.
Fr. Albert Herold
Br John Memela
Fr Ruprecht Wolf
Fr Leopold Meier

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