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Mount St. George's Abbey

St. Georgenberg-Fiecht in Schwaz, Austria

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The monastery existed before 950 on Mount St. George
promoted to the grade of an Abbey on 30 April 1138

transferred to Fiecht in 1706
suppressed from 1807 to 1816 and from 1941 to 1945
united with the Congregation of St. Ottilien on 13 January 1967


Benediktinerabtei St. Georgenberg-Fiecht
A-6130 Fiecht 4

Phone +43 5242 63 276
Fax +43 5242 63 276 7
E-Mail Fr. Abbot Anselm Zeller · Fr. Arno


Around the year 900 a Bavarian nobleman, Rathold von Aibling from the family Rapoton, sought the solitude of the mountainous wilderness in Tyrol to retire there as a hermit. Rathold was soon joined by several companions. This gave rise to a monastic community, which with papal approval on April 30,h, 1138 was raised to the rank of a Benedictine Abbey by Bishop Reginbert of Brixen, who himself was a Benedictine from Admont. The abbey church was dedicated to St. George and to St. James, the patron of pilgrims and from the very start was frequented by many pilgrims. later and up to the present time, innumerable pilgrims make their way up the thickly forested mountain slope to the shrine of the Sorrowful Mother. After the fourth conflagration at St. Georgenberg, the monastery was transferred to a lower site in the village of Fiecht near Schwaz, where a new monastery was built in 1706. St. Georgenberg remained a popular place of pilgrimage as it had been. Unfortunately, the thriving growth of the monastery was halted in 1807, when it was suppressed by the Bavarian Government. However, it was restored in 1816. The community was forced to abandon its monastery of Fiecht once more in 1941 when it was again suppressed by the Nazi powers. Only when the French occupation troops had vacated the Fiecht Abbey premises and after the church and monastery were repaired, was it possible for the monks to return to Fiecht in 1955. The Abbey of Fiecht affiliated itself with Benedictine Missionary Congregation of St. Ottilien on January 13 h, 1967. Since then, the old pilgrimage church, the old monastery, the guest-house and pilgrims hostel up on the St. Georgenberg have all been renovated. A meditation centre has been opened there.

Down in Fiecht itself, a home and mission museum was set up. The valuable archives and library have retained their fame and are now housed in a more suitable newly constructed building. The boarding facilities for the students were renovated also in 1961 and offer accommodation for 130 boys.

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Abbot Anselm Zeller O.S.B.

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