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Christ the King's Abbey

Königsmünster in Meschede, Germany

in the Archdiocese of Paderborn

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Monastery founded on 2 March 1928
promoted to the grade of Conventual Priory on 10 February 1932
suppressed on 19 March 1941
restored on 11 July 1945
promoted to the grade of an Abbey on 18 October 1956


Benediktinerabtei Königsmünster
Postfach 1161
D-59851 Meschede

Phone +49 291 2995 0
Fax +49 291 2995 100


In the year 1928 the city of Meschede in Sauerland requested the Missionary Benedictines of St.Ottilien in Upper Bavaria to take over the municipal secondary school. The Benedictines regarded this offer as an opportunity to gain vocations and assistance for their work in the missions. This foundation was canonically elevated to a priory in 1932 and work was begun in that same year on the first wing of the monastery. Further development was stopped by the Nazi Regime, which confiscated the monastery and expelled the monks. Two priests and four brothers and several candidates fell as victims of the war. A new start was made after the war and the full nine-class secondary school was restored to the monks. The monastery became an abbey in 1956 and Father Harduin Biessle, the Director of the school, was elected as the first abbot. The school buildings were gradually constructed with a modern gyrnnasium and other facilities for sport. The farm buildings with the various departments for management and domestic occupations were also erected. The abbey church was completed in 1964. After almost twenty years in office, Abbot Harduin resigned and was succeeded by Abbot Stephan Schröer. Activities: The running of the secondary school with 670 students. Supplying personnel and financial assistance to the missions of the Congregation of St. Ottilien. A house for youth gatherings and retreats. Pastoral care in several convents of Sisters, the giving of retreats and supplying in the local parishes are included in the external occupations of the monks.

Abbot Dominicus Meier's coat of arms and motto

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The official St Ottilien dirctory: Königsmünster

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