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St. Felicity's Abbey

Münsterschwarzach, Germany

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Founded in 788 as monastic community
joined the Benedictine Order in 877
exstinct in the 10th century
restored in 993
destroyed in 1525
suppressed from 1631 to 1634
exstinct in 1803
restored on 31 July 1913
promoted to the grade of an Abbey on 13 February 1914
suppressed on 9 May 1941
restored on 16 April 1945


D-97359 Münsterschwarzach Abtei

Phone +49 9324 20 1
Fax +49 9324 20 231


The monastery of Schwarzach was founded in 816 by Count Megingaud at the mouth of the Schwarzach River where it flows into the Main. Its history, from the time of its foundation to its secularisation, covers a span of almost one thousand years marked by a succession of manifold events. After an initial era of prosperity Schwarzach suffered a period of decline which appeared to be the common lot of the monasteries in the tenth century. Nevertheless, it received a fresh impetus under Blessed Egbert (1047-1077) and became a centre of monastic reform. The Peasants' War in 1525 brought with it an almost complete destruction of the monastery. With the consecration in 1743 of the basilica built by Balthasar Neumann, Münsterschwarzach may be said to have attained the peak of its Baroque Era. The attack on the monasteries by the Secularisation of 1803 and the subsequent rapid deterioration of the buildings appeared to spell out the end for Münsterschwarzach. This however was not to be the case. In 1913 the Missionary Benedictines of St. Ottilien took over what remained of the old monastery and therewith brought new monastic life back to Münsterschwarzach. In our present time, the abbey has become a centre of Benedictine prayer and work and runs a secondary school with residence accommodations. Young people are given technical training in the numerous workshops which include a goldsmith training shop, a printing press, publishing house and many other shops for a variety of crafts. The monks are engaged in all types of pastoral work in Münsterschwarzach itself as well as in an extensive area surrounding the monastery. The Abbey of Münsterschwarzach is at the same time the home for more than one hundred missionaries working overseas and is their source of spiritual as well as material support.

Abbot Fidelis Ruppert OSB

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