St. Benedict's Religious House

Nairobi, Kenya

founded on 6 April 1978


Benedictine Monastery
P. O. Box 32101

Phone +254 2 802696
Fax +254 2 802698


The Benedictines of the Congregation of St.Ottilien have been working in East Africa for almost one hundred years. They started in Dar es Salaam in 1887 and in the course of years two central missions in southern Tanzania developed into the large, flourishing Abbeys Nullius of Peramiho with sixty mission parishes and that of Ndanda with thirty parishes. As the African clergy increased, they took over many of these parishes. Finally in the late sixties, the territories of these two Abbeys Nullius were divided and four new African Dioceses were erected: Songea, Njombe, Mtwara and Nachingwea. This left the monks free to extend their work to other territories. Monks from the Abbey of Peramiho went to Kenya, where they started several new missions. later they opened a monastery in Nairobi, which became St. Benedict's Priory in 1979 with the right to open a novitiate for African vocations to Benedictine monastic life. The novitiate was opened in 1980 with six African novices from Uganda and Kenya. The construction of the monastery compound has been completed and work is at present going on to finish the church and the conference centre, St. Benedict's Priory in Nairobi has a dependent house in Nanyuki in the Diocese of Nyeri. The prime purpose of this monastic community is to introduce Benedictine Monasticism into Kenya. Young African candidates are trained in the Benedictine way of life in prayer and work. The community conducts a religious formation centre which will provide a variety of short refresher courses to promote spiritual life among the local priests and religious and to help them with their pastoral work. Moreover, the parish of St. Benedict, which is attached to the monastery, will offer pastoral ministry to the local inhabitants which include a large number of people in the Mathare Valley, which is the largest depressed area of Nairobi. It is also planned to accept African boys as apprentices in the monastery workshops. There are at present fifteen Benedictines in Kenya, thirteen of whom are priests. Seven are in the monastery and eight are engaged in pastoral work in three parishes in the Diocese of Eldoret. The monastery in Nairobi is a simple priory and all the monks are members of Peramiho Abbey in Tanzania.

Catholic-Hierarchy Nairobi (Archdiocese)

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