Our Lady Help of the Christians Abbey

Ndanda, Tanzania

in the Diocese of Mtwara

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founded in 1906 as a mission station
erected and promoted to the grade of Abbatia Nullius on 22 December 1931
reduced to the grade of a simple Abbey on 18 December 1972

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Benedictine Abbey Ndanda
P. O. Ndanda, via Mtwara

Phone: +255 23 2510 532
Fax: +255 23 2510 533
Satellite Phone: +870 761 650 429
Satellite Phone (Br. Marcus) +870 761 619 081


The history of the Abbey of Ndanda is closely linked with the development of the Apostolic Vicariate of South Zanzibar, which was entrusted to the Missionary Benedictines of St. Ottilien in 1887. After the destructive rebellion of 1905, in which all the mission stations in the south of Tanganyika were destroyed, Ndanda was started in 1906 as a new central mission for the southern central area. In spite of difficult setbacks caused by the First World War (1914-1918) and by the expulsion of the missionaries of German nationality, Ndanda developed constantly and in 1932 together with the inland mission of Perarniho was elevated to the rank of Abbey Nullius. Joachim Arnmann OSB became the first Abbot-Bishop of Ndanda. With a constant supply of new missionaries, it was possible to open twenty-five new mission stations and the Church took root. Viktor Hälg, who became Abbot-Bishop in 1949 directed this development to a point, where in December 1972, he was able to hand over the pastoral leadership of the territory to an African Bishop, Maurus Libaba. Ndanda renounced its title of Abbey Nullius and contented itself as an exempt abbey in the new Diocese of Mtwara. Although the Abbey of Ndanda is still responsible for twenty mission parishes, the monastery took on a new dimension in giving up the direction of the Diocese. It has now definitely become a monastic centre and mother-house for the Benedictine missionaries. The various monastic workshops were converted into vocational training shops under the tutorship of the experienced brothers who had developed these shops. The monastery is also engaged intensively in co-operative agricultural schemes with the local farmers and includes a large pool of assorted heavy agricultural machinery in the service of the farmers. The Benedictine Sisters are likewise fully dedicated to the service of the people in their well equipped hospital (260 beds), in the leper colony with over 500 patients as well as in the Social Training School for women in Ndanda.

P. Dionys Lindenmaier OSB

On the 6th of December the community of Ndanda Abbey elected Fr Dionys Lindenmaier new abbot of the monastery. Fr Dionys is 61 years old and has been a missionary in Ndanda since 1970. Recently he served his community as novice master. His predecessor, Abbot Siegfried Hertlein, resigned after more than 25 years in office on the 3rd of November.

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