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Most Holy Trinity's Abbey

Schweiklberg, Germany

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Monastery founded on 28 October 1904
Promoted to the rank of Conventual Priory on 10 December 1906
Promoted to the rank of an Abbey on 12 March 1914
Suppressed on 2 April 1941
Restored on 18 May 1945


Benediktinerabtei Schweiklberg
Postfach 240
D-94471 Vilshofen

Phone +49 8541 2090
Fax +49 8541 209174
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The Abbey of Schweiklberg belongs to the Congregation of St. Ottilien. The motto of the Abbey indicates the purpose of its apostolate: 'To proclaim the Gospel to the Heathen.' (Eph 3,8) Father Celestine Maier, former Prior of the Archabbey of St.Ottilien, together with five monks settled at the Schweikl Estate overlooking Vilshofen on January 29th, 1905. The present day monastery, church, mission seminary and retreat house were all built under the direction of Father Celestine. Schweiklberg became an abbey in 1914 with Father Celestine as its first abbot. His successor, Abbot Thomas Graf (1935- 1941), was concerned primarily with the spiritual formation of the ever growing community and also with the interior renovation of the church. The third abbot, Willibald Margraf, who was elected shortly before the suppression of the monastery by the Nazis in 1941, was able to return to Schweiklberg on May 18th, 1945 after four years of exile and to start monastic life anew. Since 1967 the abbey has had its fourth abbot, Anselm Schulz. Twenty-eight monks of the abbey are engaged in the service of the Missions in East and South Africa, South Korea and Latin America. The monks at home are also very much aware of their commitment to support the missionary effort of the Church by their work and prayer. At the abbey the monks are engaged in running a boarding secondary school which also has facilities for day pupils. The monks are also occupied in working on the farm and in the various workshops where young apprentices are trained. The abbey runs a fully accredited vocational school. The monks are also active in St.Bede's House, a Christian Formation Centre. The main objective however, aside from all this external activity is the Divine Worship in the form prescribed by the Second Vatican Council for a monastic community as members of the Universal Church. This aspect comes to expression in the arrangement of the interior of the church which has been newly remodelled.

Abbot Christian Schütz O.S.B.

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