Roman Catholic Church

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Archdiocese of Songea

Jimbo Kuu Songea


constituted on 6 February 1969

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The cathedral
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Archbishop Norbert W Mtega


Archbishop's House
P O Box 152

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Bishop and Secretary: Tel Nr. +255 -65-602004
Fax Nr. +255 -65-602593
Treasurer (Fr.Kevin) Tel & Fax Nr. +255 -65-2046
Mother General Tel Nr. +255 -65-2297
Note the new Code for our Region is now 065, the same as Mbeya and Sumbawanga
Note also the prefix 60 to each of our old Numbers.


Peramiho: Catholic Parish Peramiho, P. O. Peramiho, TANZANIA
Namabengo: Catholic Parish Namabengo, P. O. Box 120, Songea, TANZANIA
Msalaba Mkuu: Catholic Parish Msalaba Mkuu, P. O. Box 175, Songea, TANZANIA
Mpandangindo:Catholic Parish Mpandangindo, P. O. Box 12, Peramiho, TANZANIA

Mahanje, Matimira, Mpitimbi, Matogoro, Ifinga, Mgazini, Magagura, Mtyangimbole, Ligera, Kitanda, Liganga, Wino, Chengena, Mkongo, Hanga, Lusonga, Songea, Ndongozi, Namtumbo, Ligunga

Statistics 1997

Statistics 1998

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Catholic-Hierarchy Songea (Archdiocese)

Peramiho Abbey
Hanga Abbey
Diocese of Mbinga
Diocese of Njombe

One-O-Five Live - Vatican Radio News, Commentary, and Inspiration

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