St. Benedict's Abbey

Tokwon, Korea

1909 - 1949

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Bishop Boniface Sauer O.S.B.

Bishop Sauer with the first korean novices of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters

The abbey is suppressed by the Communists since 9 May 1949

and the buildings were destroyed.

Expelled Monks from Yenki and Tokwon founded a new community / monastery in Waegwan in 1950 - 1951

Tokwon Abbey

Today: Fr. Placidus Dong-ho Ri, O.S.B. is apostolic administrator "ad nutum Sanctae Sedis" of the Abbey of Tokwon and apostolic administrator "sede vacante et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis" of Ham Heung.

Ri Dong-ho, quien también es administrador apostólico de los territorios de Hamhung y Tokwon Abbey en Corea del Norte, dijo sin embargo que una verdadera reconciliación no debería poner obstáculos a una ayuda sin condiciones.

Koth, P. Lucius
Grammatik Der Kor. Sprache (repr.) . Tokwon/Kor. Abt St.Benedikt .
Roth Lucius P., O.S.B.
Koreanische Grammatik. Tokwon .

Catholic-Hierarchy Tokwon (Territorial Abbey)

VI. Priester, Patres und Mönche: - Deutsche in Korea: Priester, Patres & Mönche

P. Dr. Lucius Roth OSB

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