Christ the King's Priory

Tororo, Uganda

in the Diocese of Tororo

founded as Religious House on 25 November 1984
promoted to the rank of Simple Priory on 21 November 1993

On March 29th, 2006 Fr Edward Etengu has been appointed Prior of Tororo. Fr Edward is 32 years old and joined Tororo Priory in 1994. Former Prior Fr Daudi Ssemwanga Tusuubira will return to his monastery of Tigoni/Kenya after three years in office. Let's pray for the new prior and his community.


Christ the King's Priory
P. O. Box 669

Phone +256 45 4850 (Central Office)
+256 45 4562 (Prior)

LEHRZEIT IN TORORO - Eine Handwerkerschule in Uganda

DAS BLAUE FAHRRAD - Wie Behinderten in Uganda geholfen werden kann

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