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Mount St. Otmar's Abbey

St. Otmarsberg in Uznach, Switzerland

in the Diocese of St. Gallen

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founded on 16 September 1919
promoted to the rank of an Conventual Priory on 12 September 1947
promoted to the rank of an Abbey on 6 January 1982


Benediktinerabtei St. Otmarsberg
Postfach 135
CH-8730 Uznach

Phone +41 55 2807161
Fax +41 55 2901374
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Due to the fact that the Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien was founded by a Swiss monk, Father Andrew Amrhein (d. 1927), many Swiss, attracted by the mission ideal, followed him. The First World War created the necessity of having an administrative and financial centre in a neutral country like Switzerland. Consequently, the Archabbey of St. Ottilien commissioned Father Adelrich Mühlebach (d. 1960) to open a Mission Procure, the future Benediktusheim, in Uznach on the 16th of September 1919. Later when the Nazi Regime threatened the existence of the monasteries in Germany, St. Ottilien opened the Benedictinum, in Freiburg on July 1st, 1937. Father Notker Mannhart was the founder. The Benedictinum was made a conventual priory on September 12th, 1947. Father Notker was named the first prior. Due to the continual growth of Freiburg and Uznach, further building facilities were required at both places. It was then decided on November 11, 1963 to unite both communities and to erect a new building at St. Otmarsberg near the old Benediktusheim in Uznach. Prior Notker resigned on November 4th 1964, Father Benno Hegglin was elected to succeed him as prior. The Priory of St. Otmarsberg works towards the realisation of the aims of the Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien namely, to promote monastic life according to the Rule of St. Benedict and to preach the Gospel to non-Christian people, to support the newly established Churches and to activate missionary interest in the Church at home. Consequently, the community is occupied in works to support the missionaries (dissemination of information, collection of funds and material aid, and the dispatching of supplies). Moreover the priests are also engaged in ordinary and special pastoral ministry including the conducting of retreats and days of recollection.

News from 15 July 1999:

Abbot's Election on Mount St. Otmar

Abbot Ivo auf der Maur resigned as superior of Mount St. Otmar's Abbey on 11 July 1999, to pass his office into other hands. The Fathers and Brothers elected Fr. Marian Eleganti as the new superior and responsible person of the community with the consent of the leadership of the Congregation of St. Ottilien under the presidency of archabbot Dr. Notker Wolf. The chairman of the election confirmed the election immediately and installed the elected into all duties and privileges of his office. Fr. Marian herewith has taken over the leadership of the community.

The newly elected abbot comes from Uznach. He was born on 7 April 1955, went to school in Uznach and Einsiedeln and studied theology in Rome and Salzburg. He was ordained a priest in 1995.

The time of the abbatial blessing through diocesan bishop Dr. Ivo Fürer of St. Gallen will be announced later.

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Abbot Marian Eleganti O.S.B.

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